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Bruno Mercier

Bruno Mercier - 2013

Bruno Mercier

Bruno Mercier was born on the Limousin area in 1965, and had a sudden revelation during a chance visit to a porcelain workshop. The emotion that he felt in that specific moment never left him. After finishing his studies at the Beaux-Arts de Tours and a spell in the printing works that gave him a real knowledge of handling colours, he enrolled for classes at the Institut de Céramique Française de Sèvres (Sèvres French Ceramic Institute) to learn about the Arts of Fire. He discovered the magic of white gold, and its infinite possibilities – he was fascinated!

The Manufacture Royale de Niderviller (Royal Niderviller Factory) gave him the chance to deepen his knowledge and perfect his art. He knew from then on that porcelain was “his” material – Limoges porcelain, obviously! His creativity did the rest.

A line of jewellery emerged – in keeping with today’s fashions, combining a craftsman’s skill with high technology, exuberance and attention to detail. The inventive range is exhibited in his own shop on the most famous boulevard of porcelain makers in Limoges, which has since become a real attraction for locals as well as visiting tourists.