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Details of a jewel

«The quality of each element making up a piece of Bruno Mercier jewellery is essentially important.»

The silky cord is washable.


The decoration, using chromolithography, is cut out by hand, so that each piece is different and therefore unique.


The edging is applied with a paintbrush.


The aglets in polished steel (gilded or palladium plated) cover the knots at the ends of the cord.


The glass bead is non-allergenic and the rounded interior does not fray the cord. It allows the length of the necklace to be determined precisely.

• Bruno Mercier jewellery is created by hand, and so the decoration can be different from the pictures. Photos are therefore an indication only.
• The ring mounts are adjustable, guaranteed nickel-free and non-allergenic.
• Earrings can also be mounted on clips.
• Sleepers, clips and aglets are guaranteed nickel-free and non-allergenic.
• Each piece of jewellery is stamped on the back: « Bruno Mercier – Porcelaine Limoges - France »
• Each piece of jewellery is delivered in a suedette pouch and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity:
« Bijou en Véritable Porcelaine de Limoges (Genuine Limoges Porcelain Jewellery) - Made in France »

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The birth of a jewel
Details of a piece of jewellery
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