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Birth of a jewel

« The jewellery that I create is decorated by hand following a traditional process that makes it unique. »

Like butterflies, shapes are born in Bruno Mercier’s imagination. The chosen design will appear as a three-dimensional prototype that will be used to make the mould for manufacturing.

Pieces made from this mould are polished and cleaned by hand. Each piece is then fired for a first time at 980°C, and then glazed. At this stage it is ready to withstand a second "high" firing at 1400°C that gives it its translucid and solid qualities.

The piece can then be decorated according to Bruno Mercier’s projects.
Several firings may be necessary depending on the colours and the precious metals – gold or platinum – used for the decoration.

It is then that each piece will be minutely checked before being mounted on a necklace or ring or on earrings and being stamped as a piece of Bruno Mercier Limoges porcelain jewellery.

The "Limoges" indication of origin will soon be recognised as an official "designation of origin".

The birth of a jewel
Details of a piece of jewellery
A little technical information